Beach Slot Review

Struggling to afford to go on holiday this year? Well, panic over! Download Beach Life Mobile Slot to your tablet and make every day feel like a vacation! (Plus, you can actually earn some money to save to go on holiday which is a bonus!)


There’s no denying that the first thing you notice about the Beach Life mobile slot is the intricate graphic design of the game, the high quality of the illustrations and the bright colors that really bring the idea of being on a hot tropical beach to life.


It can be said that there are a couple of downsides to the Beach Slot game. For starters, there is only one betting setting throughout the game, 0.50 cents a line which equates to approximately £/$10 minimum and maximum bet per game, without any choice to adjust this. This can be a little frustrating for players, but the slot does redeem itself in the fact that it is a relatively low-risk game, so more often than not you end up making wins and being able to continue playing without having to keep on spending money. In addition to this, there is also no free spins in the game, which is very unusual for a mobile slot game! This is a little annoying as it means it is impossible to make any big wins unless you win the progressive jackpot. Which takes us to one of the highlights of this game…


The progressive jackpot in Beach Slot is pretty impressive. It often builds up into mega millions and has dished out one of the largest jackpots ever won in a slot game of $8.1 million. This is a pretty massive jackpot, and because the game is relatively low risk and has no free spins, it means it is literally the one goal to work towards, and that you’re always in with a pretty good chance of winning!


While there are no free spins in the game, there is still a wild symbol to look out for, the Beach Life sun! This Wild symbol will replace all of the other symbols on the reel and pay out 2,000 time your line bet for four symbols, which is amazing! If you have 5 symbols, you win the progressive jackpot which is even better!


Barking Mad Slot Review

If the name hadn’t given it away already, the Barking Mad Slot game is a canine-themed slot game. However, the canine friend designated to guiding you through the slots is less than friendly looking- with bug eyes, square features, and a dodgy design, the dog character looks like its out of a Gameboy handheld game rather than a modern day mobile slot game. In short, the animation and graphics used within the game are a little dated, and it shows from the character design to the symbols on the slot machine. This is a little disappointing, but it can be overlooked for all of the different bonus features.


Of course, there are the ordinary bonus features, the Wilds, the Scatters and the Free Spins. The Wild symbol in the game is a fluffy cloud (or as fluffy as this basic graphic design could achieve, anyway) with the word ‘Wild’ written across it- nothing too adventurous. It behaves in the ordinary way a Wild symbol would. The Scatters and Free Spins work together and are a little more exciting! If you get three or more of the Barkin’ mad logos across your reels, you trigger between 10 and 15 free spins. During this period of time, if any Wild symbols appear on your reels, they become locked into place, making some even bigger wins for the player.


Unique to the game is the Wild Dog Multiplier Bonus. This is triggered when you lose a spin. Players will see an animated dog walking across the screen. This dog will then select any one of the symbols on screen at random and transform it into a Wild symbol with a multiplier, allowing players to make up for any money they may have just lost. While the multiplier is never that big- always about 2x or 3x- this can happen almost every time you lose, so it’s a beneficial feature to have.


Finally, there is the Big Bet and Showtime Feature. This bonus feature is almost like a separate game within the game. Players must place a bet of $20 or $30 and in exchange receive five spins. You play the game as if it were a normal game of Barking Mad, but there is an additional feature, the ‘Showtime’ feature. This means instead of getting free spins when you see a Wild on screen, you trigger a wheel of fortune instead. This wheel of fortune dishes out multipliers and free spins to help you win even more money.


While Barking Mad Slot definitely has a lot to offer, including its own mini game within the game, it can feel a little dated to experienced players who are perhaps looking for something a little more flashy. It’s not so basic that it can’t be enjoyed by everyone, but it is definitely better for beginners rather than people who play more frequently.


Cats Slot Review

Cats is quite a unique slot game, and is definitely a tricky one, with 30 paylines over 5 reels. Originally a game from real casinos, Cats transitioned to an online game, rather than doing it the other way around, and is definitely not a game for beginners- or for the faint hearted. This is a slot game for the professionals. With a return to player rate of just 93%, you know this game is going to be hard to succeed in from the get-go.


There are just three bonus features to look out for within the slot game; the Wild Symbol, the Free Spins and the Split Symbol. The Wild Symbol is a little plain in design; they’ve just used the logo of the game. The logo replaces every symbol on the reel except the Scatter symbol just like an ordinary Wild Symbol. However, things become a little more interesting when the Wild Symbol becomes a Split Symbol and increases your win.


The Split Symbol is a whole other bonus feature, where the amount you can win is based on how many cat symbols are on your reels at that moment in time, rather than taking into account the number of matching symbols on the reel.


Finally, there is the Free Spins feature. If you manage to get 5 or 6 paw symbols across your reels, then free spins are unlocked. 5 paw symbols will unlock 5 free spins, and 6 paw symbols will unlock 10- yes, that really is how drastic the difference is between one paw print. The payout rate is higher during the free spins bonus round than it is at any other point during the game.


The graphics used in the game are not impressive- in fact, considering that Cats is such a popular game in casinos, you really would have expected them to be better. They’re a little fuzzy and even pixelated at some points of the game on tablets. However, use a phone with a smaller screen, and the graphics come into focus a little bit more. There are several cute cat characters to become familiar with, and you’ll have to get used to their singing and yowling as part of the sound effects throughout the game.


It’s quite unusual in this day and age for a real casino game to become a mobile slot game, as most of the games made this transition a while ago or started out as mobile slots first. Cats is definitely a game for an experienced player, due to its low RTP rate. However, this doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed by everyone- it definitely can be! You might just want to get a lot of practice behind you first!


Sam on the Beach Slot Review

Sam is the King of the Trolls, a quirky and lovable character that adds a novelty feel to the Sam on the Beach slot game. With a love for fruits that are designed in painfully bright neon colors, Sam the King of the Trolls is now on the Beach to visit his uncle in Paradise, following the success of his initial game appearance in Electric Sam. This sequel to Electric Sam is very similar to its predecessor; both of them have similar features, such as the fact the game’s logo is the wild symbol and the fact that there are 243 ways to win both games.


One of the best reasons to play Sam on the Beach is due to all of the bonus features- there’s a lot of them, and they all help players to significantly increase their wins. As already mentioned, the Wild symbol in the game is just the games logo; it acts in the same way as a traditional Wild symbol would and replaces every other symbol across the reels other than the Scatter symbol.


Another bonus feature is the Beach Memory Respin. If you manage to get the four members of the troll family, Sam, Ted, Sandra, and Maggie, in a horizontal line, then you trigger a free re-spin in the game. This re-spin will give you four additional Wild symbols and then another re-spin after that, which is a brilliant bonus to unlock.


Finally, there are the Scatter symbols and free spins. The Scatter symbol is a bell, and if you get between 3 and 5 of this symbol anywhere on your reels, you’ll manage to earn yourself 5, 10 or 15 free spins. These free spins then trigger different bonus features linked to each troll in the family. Sam will turn random symbols into Wild symbols that remain as sticky’s throughout the rest of the game. Maggie will transform a low paying symbol into a higher one to help you to increase your win. Sandra will provide you with a random sized multiplier between 2x and 10x to help you increase your win in the same way that Maggie does, while Ted will provide players with a 2x or 3x multiplier that remains as a sticky symbol for the entire bonus round. If you get a combination of these characters, you know you’re in for a big win.


It’s safe to say that Sam on the Beach is definitely an improvement upon Electric Sam, if only because of the great bonus features within the game. It’s great to see the character of Sam again, and the novelty theme of the game makes it really enjoyable to play. While you don’t always get to make the biggest wins in the world, you get to make a lot of regular wins instead, which all add up in the grand scheme of things!


Aloha! Cluster Pays Slot Review

Aloha! Cluster Pays Slot is definitely one of the brightest, happiest slots currently on the market. With a tropical Hawaiian theme, you can expect to see flowers and palm trees, blue skies and blue oceans- not to mention the Tiki God who celebrates all of your wins for you by cheering, clapping and doing a Tiki dance!


The graphics used in the game are stunning, and the colors are vibrant enough that you might actually consider turning your screen down! To emphasize the tropical theme, everything really pops off-screen, and the general feel for the game is very uplifting which makes it a pleasure to play.


There are quite a few bonus features included within the game. Most of these are unlocked via different amounts of free spins. Of course, there’s the Wild Symbol which is a wooden box with a question mark on it. This is quite exciting, as you don’t know exactly what this Wild will be worth- it will attach itself to the nearest symbol with the highest value that will create the largest win it can and become a duplicate of that symbol. This is both good and bad; it makes a large win, but it only affects one symbol, whereas a normal wild symbol would affect more than one.


There is also an All Ways Pays feature, where if players get nine or more symbols touching each other then a cluster win is created. It’s difficult to unlock this bonus feature though because it is hard to get nine symbols clustered together.


The Sticky Win Re-Spins feature is unlocked whenever players manage to get themselves a cluster win of nine symbols or more. The re-spins will be unlimited, lasting for as long as you manage to keep adding to your cluster. Once you stop adding to the cluster, you stop getting the free spins.


Finally, there’s the scatter symbols and free spins. If you get 3 free spins, you get 9 free spins, and this keeps on increasing up until 6 scatter symbols, where you can get twelve free spins.


There are also plenty of stacked symbols throughout the game, which in any other slot game would indicate the opportunity to make some incredible wins. However, the stacked symbols in Aloha! Cluster Pays don’t seem to be stacked enough, as usually you only get around ten times your initial bet- you definitely never get more than twenty times your initial bet. This is a little disappointing as having ‘cluster pays’ in the title of the game implies there will be some large payouts, but this isn’t one of the game’s strong features.


If you fall in love with any aspect of this game, it will be its bright, happy theme with its tropical design, detailed graphics, and upbeat music. However, if you’re looking for a game that will continually make big payouts, then this is not the game for you. This game is better suited for someone looking to have 15 minutes of fun during some downtime rather than for someone who is looking to make some serious money.


Eye of the Kraken Slot Review

Powered by Play ‘N Go, Eye of the Kraken mobile slot is a classic video slot with three reels and a basic three by three set up that is made up of eight paylines. However, despite its conventional structure, there’s nothing basic about this game; it is chock a block with bonus features galore, all of which can massively improve any of the wins that you make!


You’ll want to have a fair amount of spare cash when you play Eye of the Kraken because you’re bound to get so caught up in the bonus features, and even just the storyline of the Kraken, that you won’t want to stop playing. As a low variance game, it isn’t expensive to play, it’s just addictive!


Throughout the game, players need to collect Torpedoes- 50 of them to be precise, which is another reason you’ll want to make sure you have enough cash to play this game. It can take a while to collect all of the Torpedoes, and you won’t want to end the game without having done this. If you manage to do this successfully, you can multiply your win by 500! This is huge and obviously not something to be missed out on.


As previously mentioned, there is a lot of bonus features packed into the Eye of the Kraken Slot. First of all, there are Scatters and the free spins. The scatter symbol in this game is a diving helmet; find yourself five of these, and you will trigger nine free spins. When these free spins are triggered, you’ll find two additional symbols making their way on screen, another scatter symbol which will be in the form of a treasure chest and then the Eye of the Kraken itself, which is actually a wild symbol. This feature allows players to win as much as 30 times their original bet.


Another bonus feature within the game is the Base Game Wilds. There isn’t a traditional style wild symbol in this game, but instead, all of the symbols on screen turn into wilds at spontaneous moments. The whole screen will suddenly shake, and some eerie looking tentacles will wrap themselves around the reels, transforming all of the symbols to wilds and multiplying your wins by as many as 160 times.


The final bonus feature is the Pattern Wins. This occurs when players manage to get certain patterns across the reels, such as the same symbol in all four corners of the slot, or all four center symbols being the same. You can win as much as ten times your original bet with this bonus.


The graphics used in the slot game are beautifully detailed to really aid in bringing to life the undersea experience. You can be lost in the depths of the wonderfully animated ocean for hours, diving among the fishes, trying to seek out the detailed tentacles of the Kraken to unlock the bonus features and make big wins. The theme of the game is definitely a creative one that will help players to engage in the storyline and keep on playing for hours on end.


Hook’s Heroes Slot Review

The theme of Hook’s Heroes Slot is based on the classic children’s story of Peter Pan and features some characters you’d probably be familiar with, including Lost Boys, mermaids, and Captain Hook, who the game is named after. The theme is a little childish, but it keeps things fun and entertaining which is always a plus. If the theme alone isn’t enough to sell you, let’s not forget the various other brilliant aspects of the slot game that make it worthwhile playing.


The graphics and animation in the game are quite basic, sticking to simple designs when it comes to the characters and the layout of the game. However, don’t assume that this level of simplicity is the same throughout the entirety of the game; it is not. The game itself is actual more complex than you, as a player, may ever have thought before.


Hook’s Heroes Slot has several in-game bonus features and rounds to enjoy. There is the wild symbol, which is Captain Hook. When he appears as a wild symbol, he replaces every single card on the board excluding the scatter symbol, which is only to be expected. Then, of course, there are the scatters and free spins. The scatter symbol is a scary crocodile- or at least it looks like a scary crocodile. On closer inspection, you’ll see that it’s actually just a kid dressed up as one! The scatter symbol releases free spins to the player; two scatters releases one free spin. From the free spin, one of three different bonus features will be unlocked, and players can pick which one they’d like to use. If you get four scatter symbols, you get to pick from the bonus features twice, and if you have five scatter symbols you get to pick three times, meaning you can try all three of the features out in one go!


The three bonus features unlocked with scatter symbols and free spins are the Pirate Captain Feature which unlocks 15 free spins and doesn’t include the use of any wild symbols once triggered, the Mermaid Feature which unlocks 10 free spins and doubles all wins made while using this feature, unless the winning reel has a wild symbol on, then the win is quadrupled. Finally, there is the Fairy Feature, which unlocks seven free spins and adds an additional number of wild symbols (between two and five) to your reels on every spin.


My All-Time Favourite Cruise Experiences

Cruises are a great deal of fun and can make for a brilliant alternative when it comes to holiday ideas. Rather than settling in a hotel for one period of time, a cruise can take you all over the place for a week or two- and they don’t always have to cost the world either! I’ve been on a fair few cruises myself, and I always have a brilliant time! Here are some of my all time favorite cruise experiences.


You win some, you lose some

Once on a cruise trip, I was spending some big bucks in the ship’s casino. I was playing Blackjack, a game I consider myself to be pretty good at! However, luck wasn’t on my side because just a few moments into the game, I’d lost almost £600! I couldn’t believe it, but I was absolutely determined to turn my luck around. I continued to play regardless, despite my significant losses (which was pretty silly, to be honest!). However, my risk taking paid off as I went on to win over £1,000 by the end of the game- I managed to earn back my lost money, and then some extra too! I was chuffed.


Hey there, big blue!

Cruises mean you spend a lot of time out on the open sea/ocean, and this can be quite exciting- you get to see a lot of things you may not usually see from the coast of a beach! One morning, I strolled onto the deck of the boat I was staying on. It was very early, and so I was alone, just walking along lost in thought. As I looked out across the ocean, I suddenly saw some movement across the surface of the water. All of a sudden, a big blue whale rose to the surface of the water and did a tail splash! It was one of the most magical things I have ever seen.


Paid in full!

I love to gamble, and the casinos on cruise ships always exceed my expectations- I always spend way more time (and money!) than I should there. However, sometimes my luck really does pay off! On this one occasion, I was having an incredibly lucky streak, making win after win after win. I couldn’t believe my luck, and the streak didn’t appear to be ending anytime soon! Eventually, I had to force myself away from the table as it was getting late, but I didn’t make one single loss! When I added up my winnings, I realized I had made myself enough money to pay for the entire cruise trip and some leftover too! I was beyond thrilled!


A love story to remember

I met a very lovely man on a cruise I went on last summer. I love that cruise ships give you the opportunity to dress up in your fanciest clothes for the 5-star restaurants, casinos and entertainment venues. It gives me an opportunity to dress up every single day, something I don’t get to do at home very often! One night I attended one of the balls by myself, dressed in a dress fit for a princess- albeit a very nervous one about showing up to such an event by myself. However, when I got there, I was approached by a very lovely man who asked me for a dance! I accepted, and we spent the rest of the night getting to know each other, dancing and having the best time…we have been inseparable ever since!



Fun Things to Do at The Beach Even When the Sky is Grey

A trip to the beach is always a lot of fun, regardless of whether you’re by yourself, with family or with friends. Splashing around in the sea, building sandcastles and topping up the sun tan are just some of the activities you can do on the beach- weather permitting, of course! So when everything goes a bit grey and dreary, what fun things can you do at the beach regardless? Here’s a list of ideas that will hopefully provide you with a bit of inspiration!


The Pier

Every beach has a pier or an arcade area of some kind, and this makes an ideal place to shelter from grey skies when you’re spending the day at the beach! Piers are always filled with plenty of things to do, from small cafes and restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat, to the endless arcade games that there are to choose from- including the 2p machines that everyone loves, right? Some piers even have fairground rides, such as helter skelters, which are always a lot of fun!



It might sound like getting into the sea is the last thing you want to do when the sky is grey, and the temperature is dropping- however, the best time to start surfing is actually when the sea is a little bit choppy, as this creates better waves for you to be able to surf on! Hire out a surfboard, or bring your own along and head for the waves! Make sure you stick to your limits, though- accidents can very easily happen when practicing extreme sports!


Get fish and chips

You can’t go to the beach and not get yourself a delicious cone of fish and chips! If the sky is looking a bit dreary, head to one of the beachside cafes and settle inside for an hour or so, snacking on the freshly battered fish and sheltering from any potential storm clouds that seem to be looming overhead!


Hire a deckchair

If grey skies are making the sea a bit too cold to paddle in, hire a deckchair and chill out on your phone. You can protect your little patch of sand from any chills with a windbreaker, and then you’re good to go! Download some fun games to pass the time, such as some online casino apps that will allow you to do some quick, easy gambling to make a little bit of extra cash while sitting back and relaxing on the beach. Now doesn’t that sound ideal?


Go shopping

There is always a sweet array of shops on any kind of seafront. Some of them sell your basic beach essentials; water inflatables, towels and so on. Others sell more quirky bits, such as homeware made from sea glass or driftwood, paintings done by local artists, unique jewelry and other kitsch looking bits and pieces. If the blue skies and the sunshine seem to be disappearing, why not take a break from the sand and the sea and do some browsing of the local shops instead?


Fly a kite

You don’t need blue skies and the sun to be able to fly a kite- in fact, grey skies often bring wind with them, and these conditions are actually ideal for a spot of kite flying on the sea front! You can be entertained for hours with a kite, and you’ll soon forget that the weather isn’t as nice as you might have liked for your day at the beach.



1429 Uncharted Seas Slot Review

When it comes to online slot games, 1429 Uncharted Seas is excellent. With a nautical theme, Thunderkick has really paid attention to the finer details of the game that really help to pull it all together. Battling through stormy seas as you try to search for treasure while simultaneously avoiding the dangers that lurk beneath the ocean, the graphics and the animation of the game is really on another level. The lighting on screen flickers like you’re holding a candle out to see where you’re going, the screen sways slightly like you’re really on a ship in the middle of a stormy sea- all of the small details contribute to one unbeatable gambling experience!


There’s five reels and 25 paylines in 1429 Uncharted Seas, but there aren’t many bonus features to speak of. While you would ideally try to avoid something as scary as the Kraken in real life, in the game you’re going to want to find him, and find him fast because he’s able to expand from his reels (2 and 4) to cover the whole slot and multiply your wins by huge amounts- some people have taken away really huge payouts from this game thanks to landing a Kraken on their reels. There are also some expanding wilds to look out for. If you catch 5 of them, you can earn yourself 50 free spins, which is useful when it comes to wanting to make some large wins without spending too much money!


The game also has a high return to player rate, which is good news for us as it means we can nab ourselves some big wins more frequently than you can on some other slot games. This kind of makes up for the lack of exciting bonus features throughout the rest of the game.


The game is available on mobile which is great news because it means you can carry this game around in your pocket and enjoy all that it has to offer on the move!