My Favourite Cutesy Slots

With the gambling world having a reputation for being driven by money, you’d think that all slot games would have some sort of wealth inspired theme. It’s surprising then to see so many slot games themed to appeal to the younger female.

While there are many of these slot games that really are no good, some of them are worth looking at. My favourite however is the Cute and Fluffy slot game from Playtech. This slot game is just filled with cute baby animals that’ll melt your heart while they help you win some nice spending money.


Cute and Fluffy is not just the name of the game, but also the name of the kitten and puppy featured in the game. Before the reels load, you’ll be treated to a cuteness overload with a picture of these two bundles of love playing on their favourite couch. They also function as the scatter and wild symbols which makes them valuable as well as adorable.

Other symbols in the game include balls of wool, relaxation baskets, bones and food bowls to keep in line with the theme. To add to the cuteness of this game, most of the symbols provide animations when they form part of a winning line. In some instances Fluffy will make an appearance like when he shows up to pick up his bone and drop it into a plate, other times Cute will pop out from behind the ball of wool she was scratching fondly. The rest of the game is flooded with shades of pink to make it more appealing to the young female gambler.

Below the reels are a number of plates. Whenever the bonus symbol appears on a reel, a bone is dropped onto the plate beneath that reel. When four bones are collected in any of the bowls, the Collective Bonus feature is triggered. When triggered this bonus automatically rewards the player with four times his bet while also giving away five free spins with a 2x multiplier. The bonus feature may be retriggered during this time.

The game further includes a fantastic gamble feature. After each win the player has the option to gamble half, or all her winnings for a chance at doubling it by selecting the highest card. This is completely optional and those who prefer to play it safe, like me, may simply pass on this feature.

Top Maritime Themed Slots

Innovative games are created in every possible theme you can think of. From animal themes to lost in space themes, so why not immerse yourself in the mythical and mysterious Maritime themed slots. Tons of people enjoy playing online slot games with this type of theme and here are the reasons why people play the top maritime themed slots around.

Maritime Maidens

Maritime maidens is created and brought to you by Microgaming. It is a theme that revolves around the ocean and the sea, more specifically maritime maidens or mermaids.  So the game basically entails players going on a journey under the sea, to learn more about the mermaids and also get your share of the treasure. It has five reels and twenty five winning lines. The joker is the wild pearl which basically means that it acts as a substitute for any symbols. This condition excludes the special bonus symbol. Some online casinos allow you to play the game in demo mode, so you don’t have to make real money deposit until you are ready.


Eye of the Kraken

I’m not exaggerating when I say this is one of the most addictive slots out there. I first encountered this game on Guts Casino and I played it solidly for hours – and won quite a bit too, so that always helps. I love the whole ‘under the sea’ theme and the fact that there are so many special bonus rounds. Keep the sound up high as you’ll know when those bonus rounds are coming, just by the way the music changes. This is a real must-play!

Sovereign of the Seven Seas

This game has the appearance of an old game. One of the main images that you notice is an ancient sail ship in the background. You will find loads of cannons and treasure chests scattered across this game. The online slot game has 40 pay lines and as a bonus, this online slot game offer expanding wilds.  However, these expanding wilds can only be used on three reels. Overall, it is a great slot game, with a great theme.

Captains Treasure

This online slot game is extremely popular mainly because of its versatility. It’s more of a pirate themed game, which includes a treasure hunt, while you are on board with the captain and his crew. The scatter symbol is actually the treasure chest and it is allowed to appear anywhere in scattered reels. Unfortunately, there is no bonus game.  It is also uniquely linked to the Dollar Ball – progressive jackpot. To play this feature, you will need to pick 5 numbers out of 49 and depending on how many of those five numbers come out; you can possibly take the entire jackpot.

If you are new to maritime themed slots or haven’t played it before, try your hand at a number of mythical and adventurous maritime online slot games. Once you get the hang of it, you will enjoy hours of fun.

Top Animal Themed Slots

Animals have been a part of human life for thousands of years. Not only did they provide companionship but were used for practical reasons too. Today, animals are present in many ways in our lives. The top animal themed slot machines are a fine example of how animals have found their way into our hearts and minds.

4 Seasons

This is one of the most adorable animal themed slots ever made by Betsoft. Since the slot has a slight Chinese theme as well, you can expect to find animals such as chicken, calves, tigers, dogs and little dragons. It includes thirty pay lines and five reels. This game contains a set of unique bonuses with block win combos, Seasonal Wheel, huge multipliers and free spins as well. All of these aspects of the game come together to make this a truly remarkable experience.



This slot game brought to you by Yggdrasil is truly remarkable. The animation is amazing and the game catches your attention immediately. One of the main bonuses, include three goddesses trying to increase the wins. This game is also filled with various free spins. The presence of the entities and the phoenix gives the game that mystical appearance.

White Buffalo

White Buffalo is brought to you by the provider, Microgaming. The slot game itself is set on the Ancient Native American plains and is centered on a mysterious white buffalo. It has everything needed to make it a fun and exciting animal themed game. The graphics are so real that it almost transports you back in time to a period long ago. If you enjoy animals and adventure, this is the top animal themed slot for you.

Lions Share

This is another brilliant game created by Microgaming.  It is centered around a narcissistic lion. The slot game contains one pay line, three reels and has a modern feel to it. This slot game is fairly easy to grasp, entertaining and contains generous payouts. It manages to make the lion character extremely lovable and takes you back to the roots of slot game design.

If you are an animal lover, then you should definitely check out the above mentioned top animal themed slots. They will provide hours of fun and entertainment for you. So whether you enjoy simple and straightforward animal themed slot games, or you enjoy a challenge, there is something out there for every taste.

Top Underwater Themed Slots

Fish are probably not the most interesting creatures to watch (for most people), since they really don’t do much. However, in the world of online slots and igaming, crustaceans can really grow on you. Underwater themed slots are among some of the most popular slots for those who love everything under the sea (like me) Here are a list of the most entertaining underwater themed slots.


Atlantis is a relatively new online slot game. It is created by the masters of the 3D online slots, Sheriff Gaming. Making use of Sheriffs finest 3D technology, the game has a wonderful storyline and excellent animations. Players will find a wealth of icons scattered across the tropical reef. This is a twenty pay line, non-progressive, five reeled jackpot slot game. It offers various bonus spins and multiple respins. All the features, icons and animation come together to make Atlantis a Sea-worthy slot machine game.


Neptune’s Kingdom

This underwater themed slot game is designed by Playtech. It has a classic, aged look, but all the appeal of a modern slot game. It’s kind of zany and also the reason why people love it. A sea horse, treasure chest, trident, lobster and fish are the main icons scattered across this game, which has five pay lines, three reels and a non progressive jackpot. Unlike most other slot games, this one is a basic click – spin and win game.

Dolphins Pearl Deluxe

This is perhaps one of the most entertaining online slot games released by Novomatic. The action packed game, contains ten win lines with a wide range of betting options available. This game has an overall modern appeal. The dolphin serves as the wild card, while the ten win lines are used to line up the sea horses, crabs and other sea life icons in the game. Live chat support is available for all players.

Big Catch

This game is focused more around fishing. There are plenty of options to choose from whether you want to play automatic or manual. The twenty win lines ensure that you build up at a reasonable rate, while you still have control over how much you bet. The pink starfish is the wild, which appears on reels, three, four and five. This is fairly casual game will keep you occupied for hours.

The top underwater themed slots are great fun for all those who are into immersing themselves in the underwater world.

Simple Security Precautions Help Keep Bitcoin Savings Safe

encrypted-bitcoin-walletAlthough the underlying technology is fairly complex and sophisticated, getting started with Bitcoin is easier than many would suppose. There are a variety of options for storing and safeguarding the virtual currency, many of which have been tuned for the usage patterns and needs of even less-technical users.

For many, a locally stored wallet makes the most sense. These computer programs create and secure a simple file that contains secret keys that grant access to an account, with each key being able to be used to send or receive payments as users wish. Those who go this route are in full control of what happens to their currency, but this kind of power does come with a certain amount of responsibility.

First off, users must make sure that the keys that underlie their wallets of this sort are never lost. Many users find that it makes sense to make copies of these digital assets and store these elsewhere, as on USB drives or the like that can be kept in bank safe deposit boxes or other secured storage. Having a second copy of a given key will ensure that users will be able to access their accounts no matter what happens to the first, a precaution that could have saved many people from heartbreaking loss in the past. Continue reading

What is All the Rage About Bitcoin Mining?

8-cores-fpga-bitcoin-minerBitcoin is system that offers a virtual way of getting digital funds. The fundamentals of this system include an encrypted chain that allow the money to be tracked and transferred. Bitcoin is operated on a specialized peer system. In order to take full advantage of what Bitcoin has to offer, you need to know one of the primary forms of making money: mining.

What Is MiningMining in the Bitcoin world is similar to real-life mining. Essentially, you run verification systems to secure transactions in the network. You are measured in hashes of speed when you mine.

Your mining success is based on rewards. You are compensated for your mining efforts, by which coins are released to those using computing power. The more power you have, the more rewards you will have, thus granting immense mining success. Continue reading

Online Casino Now Accepting Bitcoins

bitcoinOnline gamers understand why Vera John is such a popular casino site. They are always at the forefront of the industry providing the best jackpots, the hottest games and a site that is easy to maneuver and glitch-free.

They are continuing to live up to their reputation as leaders in the online gaming world with their recent announcement regarding their decision to begin accepting bitcoins. For anyone who has not heard of bitcoins, this virtual-only form of currency has taken the world by storm since its inception just a few short years ago. Anyone, in any country can obtain on online bitcoin wallet and purchase coins for instant use. Continue reading